Monthly Intention Setting Workshops. Each month Lucy hosts powerful live workshops to align you. In these member only sessions activate the guidance you need. They're interactive, have workbooks and buzz you into magical momentum.

Monthly Alignment Q&A. Each month Lucy also hosts Q&A sessions so you can get Guidance on whatever you need - Money, Love, Health, Business, you name it, you'll get guidance on it AND what to do next to get into alignment.

Binge on spirituality! A structured platform to study from

Masterclasses. With over 40 masterclasses in the members area and a new one released each month, get your fix of knowledge and inspiration to empower and activate your spiritual journey. Discover masterclasses on Spirituality like; Law of Attraction, Higher Self Connection, Inner Guidance, Universal Signs (and many more) as well as real life areas to expand to implement you spiritual knowledge to empower your Money, Self Discovery, Purpose finding and Freedom Lifestyle. Basically, whatever you need in each moment, there will be a masterclass to activate and inspire you.

Workbooks. Activate yourself. Look, reading, watching and listening to others is great, inspiring and makes you feel good but they don't shift YOU. Thats why Lucy creates 'activation workbooks' with every masterclass designed to receive guidance, feel clear and in momentum.

Alignment Tools. Master the best tools and spiritual practices to lock in your manifestations and get rid of resistance. Release low energy, shitty beliefs, bad habits and bring instant alignment towards your desires.

Find your tribe !

With 95% of the population asleep (bless them), escape into a magical community and listen to miracles, get support and extra inspiration. Lucy also pops in for extra tips and trainings.

Guest Spiritual Teachers

We have guests! Lucy brings in experts on topics like Numerology, understanding Universal Signs, connecting to your Higher Self and understanding powerful mindset deepen your spiritual knowledge.

The benefits of a membership are;

  • Cheaper than private coaching with personalised support
  • Self Study. Binge to your hearts content with whatever you need whenever you need it.
  • Flexible to leave anytime
  • Member discounts on Lucy's stuff
  • Bonus Material

The Member Journey



Deepen your spirituality & journey.

-Access to over 25 masterclass to educate yourself on manifesting and spirituality. Intuitively Pick a Powerful masterclasses for instant guidance & inspiration

-Incredible GUEST SPEAKERS to enhance your spiritual knowledge and development

- Activation workbooks and Tools to discover who you are, why you are here and what you want.



Remove resistances, get into alignment and shift your energy with these tools;

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping)

Forgiveness (Hawaiian prayer)

Journaling tutorial

Creating a powerful Vision Board

Meditation techniques



Keep your alignment in momentum with;

- Monthly Live Coaching & Alignment with Lucy

- Monthly Intention setting Sessions

-Alignment Calendars  

- A Facebook community